Transforming lives by
harnessing the power of placenta-derived cells and tissues to amplify the body’s ability to fight disease and regenerate itself


Celularity scientists were the first to recognize the human placenta as an untapped resource for innovation, one which is the basis of Celularity innovations in immuno-oncology, hematology, and regenerative medicine. Our seminal discovery of unique stem, progenitor, and immune cells from the placenta is the foundation of our dominating intellectual property position. With proprietary platform technology and operational expertise to harness the power of this remarkable organ, we developed a deep therapeutic pipeline across a broad range of indications.


Celularity’s first-in-class allogeneic immunotherapy platform will make powerful therapeutics available to millions of patients. Celularity’s dominating intellectual property around this unique source of immune-privileged cells and biomaterials ensures we are well positioned to engineer and deliver powerful allogeneic immunotherapies at an unprecedented scale.

Our Strategy

Operating at the leading edge of medical innovation, Celularity’s knowledge platform around the human placenta is the engine driving continuous discovery and innovation in cellular medicine and functional regeneration.
Celularity aggressively accelerates the delivery of transformative innovations in cell therapy and functional regeneration. Our highly synergistic business strategy reflects a core Celularity competency in biosourcing, one built over two decades to provide an ethical, highly scalable source of novel placenta-derived cell populations and biomaterials. This expansive, renewable source of placenta-derived cells and biomaterials supports robust discovery and commercialization platforms in cell therapy and functional regeneration. The result is a fully integrated, end-to-end value chain and expansive intellectual property estate around placenta-derived cells and biomaterials. A potent differentiator, today it unlocks and delivers innovative therapies to patients across a wide range of diseases and conditions.